The Pool

Bar Restaurant Eindhoven

At The Pool, we embrace this leisurely communal dining experience. We know food and drinks are a key ingredient in stimulating special moments between people. So we envisioned our bar to be a central, inviting space where guests can gather over creative cocktails and global tapas and see where the night leads.

We’ve been inspired by our melting pot community to be a rich blend of culinary cultures and dishes. Our menu is based on the something-for-everyone concept, fusing international comfort food with regional favourites. We place an emphasis on fresh, healthy ingredients and high impact flavours.

Our inspiration is global, but our attitude is totally local. We’re your casual neighbourhood hotspot, a local hub for food-and-life lovers to gather, and a champion of the sustainable area vendors who provide our produce. For fresh, healthy and tongue-titillating tastes, let your taste buds take the plunge at The Pool.

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Stationsweg 3 Eindhoven
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Monday — Thursday: 07:00 — 22:00 Friday – Saturday: 07:00 — 23:00 Sunday: 08:00 — 22:00